One of the great things about sitting down and talking with fellow supporters is the reinforcement of the passion that there is out there for our club. Everyone has a story to tell; an occasion to recall; a memory to share.  Be it Cup traumas (good and bad); away trips, coach journeys or visits to stadiums all over the world proudly wearing your colours. They all resonate and are often the stuff of legend. Perhaps one day we should find a pub in town with a stage and just have story telling evenings, where we can entertain each other with tales of supporting this great Geordie institution. 

For my part, I remember an old friend John, sadly now departed spending hours telling me about away trips all over the country through the late forties,  fifties and sixties. Portsmouth in midweek after working a Tuesday evening shift travelling by bus (he refused to call it a coach) must have been some journey. 

Yet surprisingly (or not) John also spoke with equal joy and accompanying tear in his eye about being at Alan Shearers testimonial and the emotion and pride he felt when the display of passion was accompanied by the waving of black and white scarves that evening. John died last season aged 84; still a season ticket holder and still as passionate about NUFC as he was when his father took him on his first pilgrimage to St James Park all those years ago. Yet the sight of the ground full of scarf waving Geordies was up there with some of the best club occasions that had been part of; and this was a man who could remember Gallagher, Shackleton’s demolition of Newport County; been part of the post war Milburn years; the three Wembley appearances of the 50’s; the Fairs cup nights; the keegan years; our late 90’s cup finals and of course the Robson years.

And I know that John was not alone in being completely taken by that sight; a sight that for many reinforces the pride, passion and sense of belonging Sir Bobby Robson talked of so forcefully and passionately in his autobiography.

So could the sight of scarf waving at St James’ Park become a permanent feature? 

Well, those who attended the last meeting of NUFCFansUtd think so and they’re convinced that many others would agree with them.  There is no better sight or force in football than the ranks of Newcastle supporters getting behind their team and with a return of the scarf the visual impact will show that force of fans as one.

So, let’s start bringing our scarves to the match. Let’s rejoice in our black and white colours for NUFC and wear and wave our scarf with pride. Back the call to bring back the scarves to St James’ Park.





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