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Firstly welcome to the blog.  We want this blog and this site to be a hub for all Anti Ashley groups,  As longtime Newcastle fans, we are aware that our fanbase is a broad church with many different constituents; therefore we don't aim to speak for the fans or be the voice of the fans - we all have our own voices and can speak for ourselves.  Instead this website aims to provide a platform and channel for the one message that many fans want to hear: Ashely Out!  If you are a supporter of Ashley then this is perhaps not the place for you - please don't be a troll, respect us and our opinion just as we respect you and yours.  

There is a forum to allow fans to connect with each other and try to solve the conundrum of how to remove Mr Ashley and his associates from our club.  We are conscious of the fact that with so many fans groups we are in danger of turning into a Monty Python sketch, which is why we have no membership per se.  We aren't trying to take over, run or start a fans group - rather we aim to be a network enable the various factions to come together to try and achieve this one aim.  

This blog will be written by me (The Host) and other contributors.  My posts will not be opinion pieces but will merely document Ashley's reign of incompetence, the other contributors will write more personal pieces and we will accept articles from fans and other groups - if you are interested in writing for this blog please email NewcastleFansUnited AT gmail DOT com.  The Host reserves the right of editorial control but will not make any amendments to your writing without your permission.