19/11/2011 09:27

taken from Fridays evening Chronicle:

“The idea for a monument commemorating the achievements of two of Newcastle United’s finest strikers was presented to supporters at the recent Nufcfansutd meeting and anyone who has watched the video that showcases the artists’ idea cannot be anything but impressed by it. The visualisation of the record breaking achievements of Milburn being passed to Shearer in the shape of the balls passing across the archway will make for an excellent tribute to two outstanding footballers.
Fans often talk about the merits of which stars of our illustrious football history are deserving of a commemorative statue and hopefully the proposed archway will be the gateway to a boulevard displaying statues of other heroes in the future; heroes such as Hughie Gallagher, Joe Harvey, Bobby Robson, and Kevin Keegan.
Let’s hope that the council can back the concept by easing the planning process and that businesses in the north east can come forward and provide the finance to give the city a great piece of artwork that will generate much needed positive publicity and highlight the importance of football history to Newcastle. Perhaps Newcastle United could also get behind the scheme as a gesture of support too.”


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