Written by Chris Webb, the chair of the Argyle Trust - posted on the PASOTI forum this evening.

"We understand that Paul Stapleton, Tony Wrathall and Phil Gil have been making contact with Lombard to make an offer on the debt owed on the principal basis that it would protect the money that messrs Stapleton and Wrathall may lose as guarantors of the Lombard loan through the Brent bid. 

This development is unsettling a key stakeholder at a time when the Club sits on a cliff edge. 

The players, staff and fans of Argyle can not accept anymore game playing. Too many people have been loyal for too long to see our Club fall into the wrong hands. 

We will not accept the involvement of any of the M7 in our Club. We have made that clear from the start and will not be changing this position. 

We are currently obtaining the emails of the individuals involved in this saga. They will be published asap and we will call on supporters to bombard them asking all three to stay away from our Club. 

These individuals are putting personal finance above the future of the Club. This cannot be tolerated by any of us. 

Any further delays will kill Plymouth Argyle. 

If by the close of play on Sunday we have not received confirmation of their withdrawal from the process / contact with Lombard then protests will be called at strategic targets. 

We have come too far now to throw it all away. We are on the brink of a new dawn as a Club. 

Mr Stapleton, Mr Wrathall and Mr Gill; Please leave our Club alone."

For those who are not up to date with the situation at Argyle: Members of the old board are attemtping to derail the current takeover bid, any delay in finalising the current deal means a huge risk of liquidation.

And just a reminder as to why we feel the need to stand in solidarity with PAFC.



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