Attendees : Steve W, Steve H, Graeme C, Susan S, Dennis T, Zahra Z, Duncan J, Ashley P, Elaine P, Bill C,  Dave A, Tom L, 

Apologies:  Ian C, Malcolm D, Jane, 

The group moving Forward
The Development of NUFC Fans Utd as a structure and entity is something that is down to the groups themselves who participate and the feeling over the last few months from many is that the benefits of NUFC Fans Utd; offering supporters the opportunity to meet, discuss and build an understanding of the issues that supporters encounter is definitely a good forum. The question posed therefore was how the group move forward collectively while remaining proactive and allowing participants to continue to be independent groups within the framework.

The meeting was devoted solely therefore to gathering consensus on what sort of structure all parties would like to proceed with and how it might continue to develop over the next 6 to 12 months.

A healthy and constructive debate ensued with everyone being invited to put forward their suggestions on how the group should look to function in the future.

The consensus was that the structure as a concept works well; it gives individual groups the opportunity to feed their own opinions and ideals into a wider debate. It allows them to remain independent but also be more conscious of others opinions and the discussion process helps to broaden their own understanding and appreciation towards issues that would not normally impact on them as supporters.

The feeling was that now is the time for the group to be more structured, to allow it to develop a free membership, use social media to promote itself more and to introduce itself to the wider community through affiliation and promotion.

An interim structure incorporating an element of responsibility was proposed and agreed as follows:

Chair – Steve H

Treasurer – Bill

Secretary – Tom

Membership - Duncan

Events - Graeme

Multi Media – Zahra / Andy

Xmas Event
Friday 14th December was agreed as the date for a Christmas event involving music, comedy and an appearance by NUFC legend Pavel Srnicek. This will all take place upstairs in the No9 Bar, Stowell St, with the doors opening at 6.00pm. 

Website and Membership
It was agreed that a review and revamp of the website would be undertaken and consideration would be given to the practicalities of introducing a forum would be looked at. Ideas are now being canvassed regarding web content although it was agreed that an online membership joining page should be incorporated as soon as practicable. As the website needs to reflect opinions from right across the NUFC fan base, we hope that those who run their own football related blogs would provide us with links to enable them to be accessed on our own website. Similar goes for the excellent range of fanzines and forums that are dedicated to Newcastle United. If anyone would like to support us by bringing their expertise or ideas to this area then please get in touch.

Time and date of next meeting: to be confirmed



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