This past weekend Newcastle United FC released its long awaited mission statement.  NUFC Fans United welcome this as hopefully the beginning of a new era in communication with the supporters of Newcastle United.  It is pleasing to see a board committed to achieving success, long term stability in troubling financial times and investment in youth, nurturing the local talent that has for too long slipped away from the region.  Most importantly it is heartening to see recognition of the supporters as the lifeblood of the club and also of the special relationship that NUFC shares with the people, the city and the region and the synergy that they all share.  It is now vital that the interaction of club and community continues in a positive way and the commitment shown includes proper, honest and open communication and interaction with the fans.  To show our commitment to this NUFC Fans United are pleased to release our own mission statement reaffirming our desire to seek, establish and maintain communication between NUFC and its fanbase, to be a conduit for all fans of NUFC to have their views shared with the club and to be and honest, supportive and, if required, critical friend to the club acting in the best interests for all who love Newcastle United.

1. To encourage and promote open and honest communication between NUFC and its fanbase, encompassing individual fans and members of supporter associations or similar organisations, with the aim of helping the club excel both on and off the pitch.

2. To respect all participants and their views in order to be an accommodating forum for anyone with an interest in the betterment of NUFC.
3. To form a credible coalition, representative of the diverse range of opinion held by all those who comprise the fanbase of NUFC.
As a coalition we are open to and accepting of all opinions except those which are discriminatory on the grounds of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

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