As Newcastle United jump from one headline to another, the sad constant fact that is glaring to all is how poor the communication between club and supporters is and has been since the dark days of September 2008, when a failure to communicate with and develop a strong trusting relationship with one of the clubs most iconic of modern heroes saw Kevin Keegan end his short and turbulent time as manager. 

Protests and threats of boycotts followed; mud slung in both directions; both verbally and metaphorically; emotions stretched in some cases to breaking point and for many the love they held in their hearts for the football club was put under severe strain.

However, looking back, there has rarely been a period when good communication between club and supporter could be viewed in any form of good light; be it under Seymour, Westwood, Mc Keag or the Shepherd / Hall combo. However, just because our history is littered with a litany of poor or non- existent communication; with mistrust that festers at times into total breakdown, doesn’t mean that it should be viewed as sensible or acceptable. Indeed, the last few months have shown how corrosive it can be.

In an area where football is the oxygen of the masses, it is incomprehensible to think that an organisation as important as Newcastle United Football Club cannot see how important constant and open communication with its supporters is. How vital the relationship is to the clubs very being.  And by communication we don’t mean briefings with the local press or sit down Q & A sessions. We mean sensible coherent and dare we say it, where necessary, forthright discussion. No blood-letting or finger pointing; no childish or boorish mud-slinging and no preaching; No egos in the room: Just plain simple and open discussion that, over time may result in the stepping stones of Trust being put in place.  

Perhaps the club can see its importance and perhaps we the fans have not helped by actions in the past; but blame lies in the past and if we are all to see the benefit of how open and honest communication can only benefit the club, the fans, the players and the region then putting a process in place that might help facilitate such actions then so much the better. 

If you have something constructive that you think should be discussed and would like to join with fellow supporters in gathering and relaying those thoughts; working for a constructive communication process to be put in place with the club then please get in touch - newcastlefansunited AT gmail DOT com

Let’s see if we supporters can make the first move and work together to help the club open the door to what will hopefully be a better tomorrow.


06/08/2011 01:36

The social media twitter and facebook have been atributed with inspiring the Arab spring but for all NUFC fans posts and blogs our "dictator" still rules his roost I have said before the only he will go is when he is face with empty stands and a boycott of NUFC goods this may be a step to far for some fans but its the only way

11/08/2011 10:04

John; Mike Ashley will continue to be a bone of contention among fans, just as it has been since the dark days of sept 2008.
nufcfansutd is simply a vehicle to gather supporters views and hopefully over time help to show the club the benefit of openly communicating with supporters.


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