“As passionate supporters representing a wide range of opinion, NUFC Fans Utd believes strongly in the importance of communication and in light of the furore concerning the renaming and the naming rights of St James’ Park in the future, we call upon Newcastle United to review how it effects its own communication with supporters. 

As the custodians of a Football Club steeped in 120 years of history and given the previous statements attributed to the Club’s Managing Director Derek Llambias that the name St James’ Park would remain an integral part of the Club’s future we are disappointed with the decision to drop the name St James’ Park, the manner of the announcement and how it was handled; without any consultation or appearance of constructive discussion with supporters.

We call upon the Club to act upon a collective desire among supporters for open and honest dialogue and we welcome any opportunity for supporters to engage in meaningful talk that benefits the Club in the short, medium and long term.”


Following the recent shock announcement by Newcastle United’s Managing Director Derek Llambias that the Club would be dropping the name St James’ Park, officially ending the Club’s 120 year association with the ground name and replacing it with a more corporate and financially driven alternative, an open meeting of the fans Coalition Group NUFC Fans United was held on 14TH November to allow supporters the opportunity to debate its impact. A wide range of opinion was voiced, reflecting the emotive impact of the Club’s decision and at the same time voicing concern and confusion about the motives behind the decision and what it means for the future of the Football Club going forward.  

The outcome of the meeting is reflected in the following statement which reflects our feeling and those of many thousands of supporters in and around Newcastle, the North East, the UK and Worldwide. The statement also reflects the need for the club to engage in open and honest dialogue with supporters of Newcastle United Football Club; the lack of which they have rightly been criticised for and which can only benefit them in the future. The desire is there from the fans; now it’s the turn of the club to respond positively. 

NUFC Fans United was set up in April 2011 as a credible coalition of supporters, representative of the diverse range of opinion they hold regarding Newcastle United. Its main objective is to encourage and promote open and honest communication between Newcastle United and its fan base, encompassing individual fans and members of supporter associations or similar organisations, with the aim of helping the club excel both on and off the pitch.

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