We should have included this into the minutes just make everyone aware of what was asked.  Just for reference, we received over 500 questions (many were repeats), they were compiled into the following sections and list.  These questions were passed on the NUFC on Monday and a sample were read out to start the meeting.  Further questions were asked on the night, but nothing that provided a major departure from the below. 

Joe Kinnear
  1. Why Joe Kinnear? What are his credentials?
  2. Was he the only candidate? 
  3. Aren’t you concerned about his health?
  4. Why not somebody like Chris Mort?
  5. Why the delay in announcing?
  6. Did Llambias walk or was he pushed?
  7. Doesn’t this appointment undermine Alan Pardew/ other staff?
  8. Who allowed JK on TalkSport?

General Q’s about JK
  1. How will this work? (ie who’s responsible for what - clarity of JK’s role)
  2. Who has the final say on players?
  3. How do the players feel - especially those whose names he mangled?
  4. What action did the Club take after TalkSport? 
  5. Do the Club not feel embarrassed by TalkSport?

General Mike Ashley/ Ownership
  1. Why did MA buy the Club? 
  2. Does he still “want” to own NUFC?
  3. Can you help us understand what you are trying to achieve with NUFC?
  4. What does Mike Ashley want? Why does he do things he knows anger fans?
  5. Will you ever issue a statement (from YOU) or communicate directly with fans?
  6. Would you sell?
  7. Would you consider some form of scheme to allow (partial) fan ownership?
  8. How much we now owe Ashley has he been taking the installments back?
  9. Would MA accept further (outside) investment into NUFC?

General NUFC
  1. What happened to the “five year plan”?
  2. Do you think you are following your own Mission Statement (refresh???)
  3. How can we be confident in club when direction changes more than the wind?
  4. What does the last week to to encourage stability?
  5. What progress have you made as a club?
  6. & do you actually understand how important the customer is?
  7. What was the MASSIVE commercial deal that was going to be announced at the end of the season?
  8. Would you ever consider bringing a safe standing/ singing section back?
  9. Will SJP ever be upgraded to hold more? 
  10. What’ the thinking behind “membership” also do you know how poor an offer it is?
  11. Also as a side question can they look at away games, in particular lifting the ban on non season ticket holders and also taking the full quota of tickets offered by the home clubs
  12. Have you published the revised disabled supporters’ ticketing policy yet? Who are you consulting with?

Transfer/ Team questions
  1. What is the transfer strategy? Has it changed? Are will still buy young & cheap?
  2. Why didn’t we sign players last summer to build on 5th place?
  3. Why weren't the buys/ sales sorted the week after the last game as promised?
  4. Can we get out of the Wonga deal?
  5. Do we always have to bring in money first before buying?
  6. Could the club look into fan input on how the club is ran?
  7. Is the rumour true about Aubameyang been offered shares in SD in a contract offer?
  8. How often do you practise corners and do you have any tactics
  9. with us £18mil up on transfers and the wage bill down + TV deal, why arent we spending big eg Aubameyeng
  10. And how long are we going to have to put up with the fact that the likes of Gutierrez and Tiote are constantly bigged up as being 'key players' for the team when in reality the only thing they contribute is holding us back?

Any other business
  • Pre - season tournament held at St James' Park each year. Newcastle United and 3 of Sir Bobby's former clubs all taking part. Four teams in the tournament with the opposition rotated each year so they all get a turn. Imagine the interest in this man! They could even donate the gate money to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation
  • Why not do themed screenings of classic matches in the off-season?
  • Why not embrace the city, embrace the club and its fans - it would help build a winning team.

Sorry if we missed your question or you felt yours was significantly different to the above


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